2020/21 Season Ticket FAQ’s

How will the club decide which supporters get to attend games in person if capacity is limited?

Following the deadline of Friday September 11th, we will assess the number of applications from 2019/20 season ticket holders and if this exceeds capacity, we will perform a ballot to allocate 2020/21 season tickets. If applications are below capacity, we will invite applications from all other supporters on a first come first served basis.

Will I be able to sit in my regular seat?

The club will do its best to ensure you can sit in your regular seat at the earliest possible opportunity. Even if you decide not to apply for a 2020/21 season ticket you will get priority for the seat(s) you had in 2019/20 as soon as full capacity is significantly increased.

Initially however, with social distancing measures in place, we will need to assign seating in order to maximise the potential capacity at Blundell Park. As well as moving seats, this will almost certainly result in having to move some supporters to alternative stands. For clarity if a supporter from the Youngs Upper is moved to an alternative stand they will pay the lower price applicable to that stand.

What happens if supporters are not able to enter the stadium and I cannot attend the game?

It is the club’s intention to provide live streaming passes for season-ticket holders in the event that they are not allowed to attend the fixture in person. Although we are waiting for final confirmation our working assumption is that crowds will be allowed back in to Blundell Park from October 3rd (Bradford City) and if this is the case the only home game that season ticket holders will miss is the Salford game on September 19th. Access codes to watch this game on iFollow will be issued to season ticket holders.

In the event of further matches being played behind closed doors season ticket holders will receive an iFollow match pass for those games.

Will I be able to watch the away games on iFollow?

The EFL have now reached agreement with Sky that all games can be streamed on iFollow as long as capacity remains below 50%. This will mean that all the away games will be available, but they are not part of the season ticket package. A match pass will be available for £10 and the away club will keep some of these funds. The EFL will be announcing the exact formula shortly.

This could be a vital source of revenue for the club and we would plead with supporters to buy these passes and not watch the games on the various unlicensed platforms that currently exist.

Will I be able to sit with my friends at the game if we are not from the same household?

As is consistent with current regulations, up to six people from no more than two households can sit together providing they are from the same social bubble that they normally have.

At present, the club is working to comply with the Sports Grounds Safety Authority‘s ‘Planning for social distancing at sports grounds’ document.

The club will regularly review this approach in-line with changing guidelines.

I have a disabled supporter season ticket, will I be able to buy a 2020/21 season ticket?

Arrangements for disabled supporters will be the same as in 2019/20 but in line with the overall capacity assessment the number of places may exceed demand in which case a ballot will be undertaken.

We will be doing everything possible to make Blundell Park a Covid safe environment and implementing the Sports Ground Safety Authority recommendations but we would encourage all supporters, particular those in the most vulnerable category, to ensure they are happy with match day procedures.

If you have any questions at all, please contact safety@gtfc.co.uk.

Will I be required to wear Personal Protective Equipment to attend games at Blundell Park?

At present, the club is working to comply with the Sports Grounds Safety Authority’s ‘Planning for social distancing at sports grounds’ document.

The club will adhere to, and comply with, further government guidance on the matter, which we expect to receive following sport stadia test events throughout August.

Ahead of your first visit to Blundell Park, the club will ensure that all attending supporters receive appropriate guidance.

Will I be able to access toilets and refreshment kiosks from the concourses in and around Blundell Park?

At present, the club is working to comply with the Sports Grounds Safety Authority‘s ‘Planning for social distancing at sports grounds’ document.

To maximise the capacity of Blundell Park we will need to keep movement in the ground to a minimum and it is therefore possible that the refreshment kiosks and ground bars will not be available.

This is under review at the moment and ahead of your first visit to Blundell Park, the club will ensure that all attending supporters receive appropriate guidance.

I am not a current season-ticket holder but would like to upgrade for the 2020/21 season. Why is this not currently possible?

The club apologises for the inconvenience – in any other circumstances we would be delighted to welcome new season-ticket holders. However, at this stage, tickets are limited in order to comply with government guidelines.

If season-ticket sales do not reach the capacity limit, additional season-tickets will be made available for sale on a first come first served basis.

How will the match-day experience differ from that of previous seasons?

The club continues to explore all options to ensure that the match-day experience remains as positive as ever, although the safety and wellbeing of staff and supporters is our highest priority.

At present, the club is working to comply with the Sports Grounds Safety Authority‘s ‘Planning for social distancing at sports grounds’ document.

The club will continue to monitor and review our match-day planning based on up-to-date guidance, as and when it becomes available.

If games are played behind-closed-doors, will I get a credit/refund for the value of my ticket?

The club appreciates the uncertainty for the fans ahead of the upcoming season.

While the situation is not ideal, offering loyal season-ticket holders priority access to games when the turnstiles open, and providing a streaming alternative should games be played behind-closed-doors, allows the club to forecast our revenues and plan our match-day operations appropriately.

As such, we hope that supporters understand we are unable to offer credits for behind-closed-doors fixtures during the upcoming season.

If the season is curtailed will I get a refund or credit for the games not played

Although we offered this for 2019/20, and thankfully 85% of season ticket holders opted to donate back to the club, unfortunately we will not be in a position to offer any refunds for 2020/21. The simple reason for this is that the money will have been spent and there will be no funds available to pay refunds.

Hopefully, this will not be case, and in the event of further social distancing measures being enforced, the season would be at least be completed behind closed doors. It is important however that supporters understand that there is an element of risk when renewing their season ticket.

Can I buy individual match tickets for selected 2020/2021 Sky Bet League Two or cup fixtures?

At the moment, ticket sales are being restricted to existing 2019/2020 season-ticket holders. Once ticketing restrictions are lifted, the club will recommence individual ticketing sales and new season-ticket applications.

What happens if I don’t renew my season-ticket before the September 11th deadline?

If you do not renew your season ticket by the deadline of September 11th, if capacity allows, your ticket(s) will be made available in the ballot for non season ticket holders wanting to purchase.

Once full capacity is allowed again, whether it be later in the season or next season you will still be offered first choice of your 2019/20 seat(s).

Are season-tickets refundable?

Season tickets are non-refundable, non-transferable, and must be used by the named person.

If I am unable to attend a fixture, can someone else use my ticket?

No, season tickets are non-transferable and must be used by the person associated with the season-ticket. If you are unable to attend a match and would like to voluntarily release your seat for the club to place back on sale, please email tickets@gtfc.co.uk.

Will the season-ticket provide priority on cup and away ticketing?

Yes, when applicable. The indication at the moment is that with severely reduced capacity the majority of League 2 clubs will not be allowing away fans to buy tickets. Hopefully, this will change, including us welcoming visitors to Blundell Park, and when away tickets do become available 2020/21 season ticket holders will get priority.

Season ticket holders will also get priority for all cup games.

Why is there no discount for Gold Bond, Mariners Trust or the GTFC Academy?

In these very unusual times and with very limited capacity we hope supporters will understand that we need to maximise revenue and so cannot afford to offer discounts.

To put it in perspective if we have to play the whole season with reduced capacity of circa 2,000 people, we are anticipating a shortfall of £1m.

Why is there no club shop discount for season ticket holders?

We hope that supporters will understand that during these exceedingly difficult times the club cannot afford to offer permanent discounts. We will however be offering exclusive deals to season ticket holders at regular intervals throughout the year.

When will I receive my season ticket book?

We have taken the opportunity to upgrade our ticket system which we are in the process of doing now. This will mean that you will now be issued with a card which will be valid for the season and this will be scanned at the turnstile to allow entry.

The advantages to this are numerous, for example when we return to selling match day tickets supporters will be able to print their tickets at home. At this time, it will be invaluable in tracking who has entered the stadium as part of the Covid measures that will need to be in place.

The 2020/21 Season-Ticket Terms & Conditions can be found HERE.


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