A Statement From The Chairman

I am aware of certain inaccurate statements that have been circulating on social media in the last few days. I wish therefore to advise fans of the true position.

First, the Board is as disappointed as everyone with the recent results. Ollie has gone on record as to how he intends to make changes in January. The Board fully supports him in this, and funds will be available to enable him to do this. We have to bear in mind that we do have a salary cap this season and we are already not far short of the maximum we can spend. Notwithstanding this we will fully support Ollie in his decisions on squad changes.

There is no truth whatsoever that any player has been told to get a second job whilst on furlough. I do not know where that rumour emanated from, but it is completely fictitious.

Another statement is that John Fenty takes £50,000 a year out of the Club. Totally untrue. He takes nothing. Three years ago, there was a part payment of his loan when the Board agreed that there were sufficient funds to do this. Since then, there have been no repayments.

The Club does not operate with a Bank overdraft or Bank loan facility and should there be a shortfall this or any other season then the directors remain available to plug any gaps as they always have been.

There has also been a suggestion that the Board have turned down an offer from Mr. Tom Shutes to acquire the Club. Again untrue. I refer to the statement in the press I made several months ago. The door is always open and if Mr. Shutes wishes to speak to me and put forward proposals which satisfy the requirements of the EFL (as recently amended following the fiasco of the Bury and Macclesfield clubs) with regard to ownership then I will be pleased to talk to him.

No one wants to censor social media but there is a difference between legitimate criticism and unfounded and untrue statements. The unfounded statements I have referred to above fall into the latter category.

I wish the players all the best in the games to come and assure them that we are all behind them in their efforts. I hope fans will soon be back in the ground to cheer them on.




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