A Statement From The Chairman

My attention has been drawn to a statement on Facebook by Tom Shutes, Jason Stockwood and Andrew Pettit in which they state, “none of us have had any contact with Mr Holloway.”

Ian Holloway received two telephone calls from Mr Mark Palmer who stated that he was speaking on behalf of Mr Shutes.

We are aware that Mr Palmer acted for Tom Shutes in previous negotiations and due diligence. Ian recorded one of those conversations and it has been heard by the Board. Further Ian Holloway recently received another call this time from Mr Dean Holdsworth who had been asked to speak to him on behalf of Messrs Shutes, Stockwood and Pettit.

As well as a director Ian Holloway was an employee of the Cub and did not consider it appropriate behaviour to go behind the Board and approach an employee direct.

I will be issuing a further statement on the Club sale shortly but thought it important that the record should be set straight immediately as the Facebook statement impugned on the honesty and integrity of Ian Holloway.

Philip Day


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