All Town Aren’t We – World Premiere Information

The World Premiere of ‘All Town Aren’t We’ has now officially sold out!

That means that over 1,000 Mariners will be in attendance at the Parkway Cinema in Cleethorpes for a special night where we re-live one of the most memorable seasons in living memory.

Ahead of the event, we wanted to inform supporters of some key information.


With approximately 1,300 people expected across the five screenings, it’s fair to say that it’s going to be a busy night at the Parkway!

Fans who would like to line the red carpet and welcome Director Jack Spring, and a selection of the players who featured in that memorable campaign are advised to arrive before 6pm.

This will be a great opportunity for supporters to get autographs and selfies should they wish to.

Due to the likelihood of long queues on entry, at the food kiosks and bars, we advise supporters to arrive at least 45 minutes before their screening begins.

Dress Code

We’d would also like to remind supporters that tomorrow’s Premiere has a smart dress code. By ‘smart’ we don’t mean black tie, but we hope fans will embrace that this is a World Premiere and dress accordingly.

The smart dress code applies to all screenings tomorrow night.

Food & Drink

The kiosks at the Parkway cinema will be serving their usual range of soft drinks, snacks and popcorn.

There will also be wines, bottled beers and prosecco available from bars around the foyer area including the Docks Beers’ pop-up bar which will be serving Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Fish on tap.

Outside, there will be Grimsby Town-themed street food courtesy of Cooky Cooks – one of the Club’s popular matchday vendors.

On their specially-created menu will be ‘The Chippy McA‘Tea’’ and the ‘Migh-Thai Mariner’. Food will be available both before and after the screenings, subject to availability.

Further Screenings

Although tomorrow night’s Premiere has now completely sold out, tickets are still on sale for showings taking place from Saturday 6th for the next 7 days. For more information about those screenings and to book, click here.

The documentary will also soon be available for exile supporters – more information about this will be announced next week.

Thank you for ‘Packing the Parkway’ – we look forward to seeing 1,300 of you tomorrow as we re-live a two-week period that no Town fan will ever forget.



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