Central League Fixtures Announced

Our Central League fixtures for the forthcoming season have now been confirmed. The Mariners will get the campaign underway at Salford City on the 23rd September. 

Wed 23/09/20 Salford City Vs Grimsby Town 1pm KO

Tues 13/10/20 Grimsby Town Vs Walsall FC 2pm KO

Wed 4/11/20 Grimsby Town Vs Huddersfield Town 1pm KO

Tues 9/12/20 Walsall FC Vs Grimsby Town 2pm KO

Wed 06/01/21 Grimsby Town Vs Scunthorpe United 1pm KO

Wed 13/01/21 Grimsby Town Vs Salford City 1pm KO

Wed 20/01/21 Huddersfield Town Vs Grimsby Town 1pm KO

Wed 09/02/21 Scunthorpe United Vs Grimsby Town 2pm KO

All home fixtures will be played at Blundell Park.

At the current time, these fixtures will be played Behind-Closed-Doors.


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