Debbie Cook to take new role as Director at the EFL

We announce today that our Club Chief Executive and member of the Grimsby Town and Grimsby Town Foundation Board will be stepping down in February 2024 to take up a new position on the Executive Leadership team at the English Football League (EFL).

Debbie was appointed by owners Jason Stockwood and Andrew Pettit in early June 2021 and has led a period of transformation and success at the Club, working tirelessly to deliver improvements. Her new role will be as the EFL’s new Director of Community and she will be responsible for overseeing the management of the EFL’s charitable arm, the EFL Trust.

Speaking of Debbie’s departure, Chair Jason Stockwood said, “On a personal level, I’m delighted for Debbie. People won’t know that when we first met, we said that our job is to make you successful and if you get a job that’s bigger and better, you’d have my complete blessing and support – and that’s what this is. But she’s been brilliant for this football club, a massive part of the culture changes and a great colleague and ally for me over the last couple of years. I’ll miss her, but I’m thrilled for her and it’s no less than she deserves. Debbie and her family will always be welcome at GTFC.”

Debbie said, “I love this football club and it will always occupy a huge place in my heart. I’m really proud of what has been achieved in the time I’ve been here. This Club is littered with many, many wonderful people that we’re lucky to have and I’ll miss them daily, but I will look forward to seeing them at games.

“I love football but when I took the Club’s CEO role, some said they thought it was a strange move for me, having spent nearly the whole of the previous decade as CEO of a national health charity and then a charity working with young and homeless people. But it wasn’t a strange move at all, because I truly believe in the power of our great game to transform the communities they share.

“Every week as I walk around our stadium, I see evidence of this first-hand; so many people who feel a belonging and a connection with their Club; trusting them over all other civic institutions. I now feel so privileged to be able to take my passion and support this work at the EFL, as a member of the Executive Leadership Team, to develop this work in another 71 clubs and Club Community Organisations and places; using football to build social value, to reach the otherwise hard-to-reach, to bring joy and support to many”.

The process to recruit a new Chief Executive will shortly commence. Debbie’s last game as CEO will be on 10th February 2024 as we take on Stockport at Blundell Park. You’ll be sure to see Debbie in the stands at Blundell Park thereafter though.

Once a Mariner, always a Mariner.


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