Floodlight Pylons To Be Modified

Grimsby Town’s iconic floodlight pylons will remain in place at Blundell Park, but will be modified slightly.

The towers, which were originally set to come down this summer, will each have the top third of the tower removed, and all four floodlights will have new LED lights installed.

Speaking exclusively to gtfc.co.uk, stadium manager Nick Dale said: “There is an issue with taking them down. We’re applying for funding from the Football Foundation and The Football Stadia Improvement Fund.

“And anything that you apply for – if you move grounds within 10 years, it has to be taken with you, otherwise there is potential for clawback on the money.

“We could transfer the lights, but in an ideal world you’d probably look at putting new masts in, but the costs associated with that are substantial.

“And it puts the club at significant exposure of clawback if we move.

“We’ve assessed the state of the towers, and the top third of each of the floodlight towers is in a poor – but not unsafe – state, and needs to come down.

“So we’re going to take a third of each tower down, and then put a new lighting frame, and new modern LED lighting in place.”

And the ground staff have been working tirelessly to improve the overall Blundell Park experience this summer.

They have improved the disabled facilities, including installing a stair lift, and disabled toilets – including one in the Osmond Stand.stairlift.jpg

They have also made a new five-cubicle women’s toilet block in the Osmond Stand, installed new seats to replace some older ones, removed the humps from the pitch surface, and also made some general repairs around the stadium.


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