Grimsby Town Players Visit Children at Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital

Grimsby Town players and staff made their annual Christmas visit to children at Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital.

Interim manager Anthony Limbrick and his players took gifts, including a Town 2020 calendar, toys, and more, to the patients.

The players and staff chatted with the children before handing out the presents ahead of Christmas Day.

Town captain James McKeown said: “It’s vital we get out and visit people at this time of year more than any other because it’s very easy to just think about ourselves as human beings – what we need or how busy we are.

“But to visit the kids in hospital puts a lot in perspective, and even if we can maybe help take their mind off being poorly for a little bit then it’s worth it.

“Also it’s important that people see the club trying to do important work in the community like visiting the disabled supporters’ evening. As players we’re trying to give a little something back.”

Harry Clifton said: “It’s our duty to do this every Christmas – it’s an important time of the year.

“It’s important that every club around the country visits their local hospital and gives something back with little gifts, and hopefully it can brighten up the children’s day.”

We would like to wish everybody a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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