ICYMI | Elliott Whitehouse Completes First Training Session Back On Grass

Grimsby Town midfielder Elliott Whitehouse says his first training session back on the grass has “lifted” his confidence.

The 25-year-old, who is continuing his ACL injury rehabilitation, completed his first short session back on the grass – jogging in straight lines and passing a football with Dave Moore – at Cheapside today.

And Whitehouse said the session has boosted his confidence and positive mentality as he continues to recover from the injury which he suffered in July 2018.

Speaking exclusively on iFollow Mariners, he said: “Today is my first time on grass, and it felt good. It was like I was starting again, but it’s been a long time coming!

“This is a good stage now because I feel like it’s lifted my confidence – all I’ve been doing is stuck in a gym with that routine.

“And obviously it’s a progression step so me and Dave went out there and did some steady running in straight lines, and it’s reacted fine and it felt good doing it!

“I was probably rusty, but it was another sense of relief – that bit of progression – I was a bit more excited and it was fun to get my boots on.

“Overall it’s been a productive day – I’m more than happy, and I’ve come away from it a lot more confident and positive that it’s going in the right direction!”

And the midfielder emphasised the importance of not rushing to return to the pitch, and waiting until he’s successfully completed his rehabilitation programme.

He said: “Me and Dave have spoken about it, and we’re not going to aim to be back for a certain time or a certain game because that rushes it.

“But it’s another progressive step on the ladder – Dave and I are happy with it – so we just keep building step by step.

“I can’t rush this thing – I’ve been out long enough, but I’m on my way and when it’s ready I’ll be 200 per cent!”

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