Mariners Take Part In Fair Game Week

Grimsby Town issues call to MPs to protect football to mark Fair Game week

  • Clubs and fans take part in Fair Game week from 13 April to 20 April
  • Fair Game warns the game is on a financial precipice and calls on politicians to support the Fan-Led Review into legislation
  • MPs urged to publicly back hard-working community clubs and support legislation

Today Grimsby Town is taking part in Fair Game Week with a call for Government legislation to protect football.

Grimsby Town is part of Fair Game, a group of 34 value-driven professional clubs supported by 40 world-renowned experts looking to develop realistic long-term solutions to the problems our national game faces.

There is no doubt that football is on a financial precipice. A study from Fair Game found that in 2020 – that’s before the pandemic –52% of our top clubs were technically insolvent. This means a club is only one bad owner or risky decision chasing football’s riches from ceasing to exist.

The impact of a town losing a hard-working community club cannot be underestimated.

Debbie Cook, Chief Executive of Grimsby Town, said: “The structure of football needs to reform to better protect our communities’ clubs. To do this football needs to be more financially sustainable, it needs better governance, proper equality standards, and real fan and community engagement. That’s why we’re pleased to get involved with Fair Game Week and call for action to save the national game we all love.”

Andy Burnham, the Mayor of Greater Manchester, said: “As a child I remember walking towards Goodison Park surrounded by the blue shirts. And the smells on the terraces. The sense of community and belonging. That needs to be protected.”

Niall Couper, CEO of Fair Game, added: “There’s no doubt that football is at a crossroads. The recent Fan-Led Review has given hope that a new future is on the horizon. But that hope risks being extinguished without legislation.

“We need our politicians to make a firm commitment to back Fair Game and implement all the recommendations of the Fan-Led Review.”

To mark the week, the 34 clubs of Fair Game will share tweets, videos, programme ads and messages on screens in grounds on match days, including stories of fans and their memories that make the game we love so special.


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