Michael Jolley Has His Say After The Oldham Defeat

“We’re frustrated because in the first half, I thought we were definitely the better team,” Jolley said.

“Second half, I think was more even, but they scored at important moments. It’s very frustrating because we can’t become a team that plays well and loses. It is very important that we refocus on the important moments in the game, which happen in both boxes. We have to do better with those.”

The goals have dried up . . .

“I think it’s a fair criticism that we’re not scoring enough goals at the moment,” he said. “We have to give that some very careful thought.

“When you don’t win a game for a short time, or a while, you start to reflect on that.

“Are we creating enough good chances? Are we getting enough balls into the box? Are we getting enough people into the box? These are all things we need to think about, and we clearly have to do better.

“When you don’t win a game for a while, you start to reflect on that, and that’s what we’re doing at the moment.

What are the gaffer’s priorities between now and the end of the season – looking at players who are going to be here next season or winning games and finishing the season well?

Jolley added: “I think we had 750 supporters here, I just want to say thank you to them. I could hear them being supportive and positive right throughout the game. As the manager, that means a lot to us and we are very grateful and well done to them. I thought our supporters were brilliant today. They don’t come to games expecting us to not win. I think we’ve got six games to go, we want to pick up more wins between now and the end of the season. Also, I’m looking at people within the squad and saying do you want to be part of this moving forward. “. 

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