NCS Matchday: Grimsby Town v Morecambe

Grimsby Town’s Sky Bet League Two clash with Morecambe at Blundell Park on Saturday is our NCS matchday (3pm).

Grimsby Town Sports and Education are now recruiting for their NCS Summer 2020 programme but what is NCS?

It’s a youth programme like no other

Designed especially for 16 and 17-year-olds, the NCS experience will give you a clearer idea of what you want from your future.

We’ll help you realise that big, exciting things can come from feeling a little bit overwhelmed

…No, seriously, it’s all good. Remember, No. We. Can. Show yourself exactly what you’re made of!

On NCS, you’ll mix with a new crowd, and take on fresh challenges together. Before you know it, you’ll be rooting for each other, as you all tackle your own hurdles.

Along the way, you’ll also get a taste for independence and pick up skills that’ll help you smash your future goals.

And if that’s not enough for you, you’ll also be given a platform to have your voice heard and pursue a passion project.

The NCS experience might last just a few weeks, but the impact? That lasts a LOT longer.

Over 600,000 people have already done NCS – want to join them?

What is the Programme?

Phase 1: 

In your first week, you’ll live away from home and nurture your adventurous side.

Whether you take on the high ropes, wild waves, or scale a wall, one thing we can guarantee is, by   Friday night you’ll feel fearless (and pretty worn out)! Don’t worry, you’ll have the weekend back home to catch your breath.

Phase 2:

Next up? You will enjoy another five days away from home with your new-found mates. Get a crash course in adulating and pick up skills to set you up for life.

By the time you’re done, you’ll be speaking to a room full of people without freezing up and know a whole load more about what you want from life after school

Phase 3:

Fuelled by your first two weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to use your voice and have a lasting impact.

This is your chance to have an influence in your local community, in the countryside or even globally! You will   deliver an Impressive ‘passion project’ – we can’t wait to see what you and your teammates achieve.

Phase 4:

Ok, so this is a very important part of Your experience, naturally. By this point, you will have achieved A LOT. Now it’s time for you to be recognised.

It’s always good to go out with a bang, right?

You and your parents/ guardians will be invited to a celebration event where you will receive your certificate signed by the Prime Minister.

Please see below a list of dates that we will be looking to recruit for;

Wave 1: 13th July 2020 – 7th August 2020

Wave 2: 20nd July 2020 – 14th August 2020

Wave 3: 27th July 2020 – 21st August 2020


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