Notts Match Reaction

Town boss Michael Jolley found it hard to take any positives from today’s 2-1 defeat at Notts County. Speaking on iFollow, he said: “The positives were the two that came on, Rumarn Burrell and Max Wright, 

“Max gave us good energy, put some good balls into the box and produced some really good attacking play. Rumarn was similar.

“Beyond that, I was really disappointed with many performances. I think it clarified many of the issues that we need to address in the summer.”

“We were in their situation last year, so we know what when you have to win it brings a certain energy to your performance. I think Notts County had that.

“But we make no bones about it. We weren’t pleased about our display.

“We know what the problems that we have got are – we need to improve on them moving forward.”

Disappointment with the goals.

“We are diligent in terms of our preparation on set-plays. Players have got responsibilities and jobs to carry out when certain situations crop up.

“You have to have faith and trust that people will execute those correctly.

“On two occasions, for both goals, people didn’t do their jobs correctly. That gives us more information about where we are at.”


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