Our Vision – To Be A Place Where Every Mariner Belongs

We exist to be a place where every Mariner belongs.

Belonging gives identity and meaning to our lives. It defines who we are, and offers us a sense of place, purpose and comfort.

We’ll never lose sight of what the ‘C’ stands for in GTFC. We’ll always appreciate what a club should be, and what it has the power to do.

A football club is different. We know that allegiances and bonds can begin before we’re even born. We acknowledge that – and we’ll never take it for granted.

We’ll always give our fans and our communities a place to meet, a place to share experiences and a place to make – and celebrate memories.


We’ll create companionships, friendships and relationships that have the potential to last a lifetime.

We recognise the differences in all of us – but as a football family, our roots will always remain as one.


We’ll create a place where people feel accepted and connected, wherever they are in the world.

Every Mariner will always have us to call ‘home’.

Our Philosophy