Saturday’s Fixture Designated To Level Playing Field

Grimsby Town’s fixture with Bolton Wanderers at Blundell Park on Saturday (12:30pm) is designated to the work of Level Playing Field.

Level Playing Field promotes a positive and inclusive experience for disabled sports fans.

The key objective of the organisation is to raise awareness of good access and inclusion and how it benefits disabled fans and the wider community.

Grimsby Town Football Club, along with the Education Trust and the Mariners Trust, hold several activities throughout the year to promote community cohesion.

Level Playing Field is a registered charity in England and Wales but dedicates its work to disabled sports fans and acts as a campaigning and advisory organisation to its members across the sporting industry.

Grimsby Town Football Club is fully supportive of the organisation and has been working extremely hard to ensure that all of our disabled fans have a good experience when coming to Blundell Park.

The football club will also be holding a staff training event before the game on Saturday in which staff will undertake training to enable staff to understand the barriers faced amongst our fans and be in the best possible position to overcome these barriers to support the needs of individuals and groups for when the fans return.


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