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Read Andrew Pettit’s notes from the Barrow AFC programme…

Welcome to everyone for another night at Blundell Park under the lights.

We have had a tough September with three difficult away fixtures in front of big crowds and it is now time to get back to winning ways for the boys as we look to climb the table. October looks to be another challenging month but with 4 of the 6 League games against teams currently in the bottom half it should be possible to get some more positive results. Let’s all get behind the team and try and be that 12th man.

Debbie and I attended an EFL meeting this week at which the subject of financial redistribution was presented. The distortions in our national game caused by the runaway success of the Premier League were discussed and some initial proposals intended to improve sustainability were tabled. There are big challenges across the EFL pyramid and in the National League system which need addressing and where this “negotiation” is a once in a generation opportunity to do so. However, it is apparent that there is still a long way to go if we are to promote universal sustainability and avoid communities facing the risk of losing the vital asset represented by their local football club but let’s see whether a long term perspective is taken by our peers.

Talking of this, it has been so heart-breaking to watch the slow, but seemingly inevitable, demise of Scunthorpe United, our most local neighbour. Putting aside traditional rivalries (which I believe are a vital part of making this a game we all love), the devastating impact on the fans and wider community of the failure of the Iron would be appalling. Let’s hope there is a more positive outcome than appears to be likely at the time of writing for the sake of the supporters and staff who depend on so many ways on the continuing existence of a professional football club. If nothing else, the advent of the football regulator and stronger regulation on the ownership and management of these community assets should help obviate these avoidable situations in the future.

Finally, a warm welcome to the directors, players, staff and fans of Barrow FC. It’s always a short straw to have an 8 hour round trip on a weeknight so due respect to the fans that do make it to Blundell Park tonight and a safe journey home to everyone. 



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