Where Are The Floodlights?

Take a look at this picture, can you spot the floodlights?

The reason that you can’t see them is because it is peacetime, the Osmond Stand is up, and the previous floodlights are not in place. They were used first in 1952, but never used for first team matches.

But we can be sure of the day of the week, it was a Monday because many houses have the washing on the line. People always did their washing on a Monday. 

It must have been near the start of the season, or in the summer because the pitch is in good condition.

We think that this picture was taken between 1946 and 1952. 

In the foreground you can see The Ritz cinema which opened in 1937, and changed name in 1956. That stood where McDonalds is now. 

Can you make out what it says on the Osmond Stand roof?  

Let There Be Light


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