A Message To Our Supporters

Blundell Park is a sell out to our home supporters. Something that we have not been able to say in a significant period of time and we could not be more proud of you all. You are truly showing that when we unite, we really are greater together.

At our last two games at home to Barnet and away to Torquay United respectively, we have had supporters ejected for encroaching the playing area in celebration. We understand the emotion and euphoria that is felt during a game, especially when a turnaround is complete.

However, encroaching the pitch is a criminal offence and could lead to a court appearance and a ban from attending football matches in future. Today’s sell-out is proof that this season is one that none of us want to miss out on and we want as many of you to continue following us as possible at all times.

We want our supporters to enjoy the thrill and excitement of following the Mariners and continue to display their emotions as you have done in exemplary form so far. Please support the boys, stay behind the advertising barriers and be part of an exciting campaign.

Up The Mariners!


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