Crowdfunder For Disabled Facility Improvements Launched

A crowdfunder initiative headed by the Mariners Trust has been launched with the aim of raising funds to help support the improvement of disability facilities in and around Blundell Park.

Whilst the various relocation options have been pursued, much needed maintenance and improvements at Blundell Park have been deferred. It has now got the point where, to conform with regulations and to have acceptable levels of customer facilities, these works now need to be undertaken as soon as possible.

There is also a situation where the work undertaken by the club to attract more disabled people to games has been so successful, that the disabled facilities in particular are wholly inadequate for the numbers now attending.

We and the club have worked closely on this project with Level Playing Field –

Key work which is still to be undertaken to improve disabled facilities include:

  • Additional disabled toilets in the Main Stand and Pontoon Stand – This also includes additional and improved Ladies and Gentlemen toilets, including baby changing facilities
  • Industrial stairlift and disabled toilet within the McMenemy’s Function Suite
  • Disabled toilet in the Young’s Lower bar

For much of the work, there is the potential for grant funding for both the Club and the Trust on a matching basis and applications for these have been submitted. Despite this, there is a significant cost to the football club and although the board are fully committed to supporting as many of these as possible, there is always the continual counter pressure of maximising the playing budget.

The try and help with the cost the Mariners Trust are launching a Crowdfunder campaign to help ensure the improvement to disabled facilities are undertaken as soon as possible.

As well as this Crowdfunder, donations can also be given in person at the football club and there will also be some special events and sale items between now and the end of May which will also contribute to this cause. Please support if you can, it will make such a difference to a very special group of supporters.

As an added incentive every £10 donated will qualify for one entry into a free prize draw which will have a variety of club prizes with the main prize being a 2019/20 season ticket.

The link to the Crowdfunder donation page is here:

You can also donate via the Trust website here:


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